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"Aled, thank you so much. This is so wonderful what you're doing for the profession, for the field and for those who are just interested in conflict resolution. This is a wonderful thing that you're doing and I'm just glad that you are and I'm just privileged to have been a part of one of the episodes."

"Aled, there's a lot of goodwill in mediation and it's worth capitalizing on that, because it's a great process, with great people involved, like yourself."

"Thank you for your perceptive questions and your insight, because you bring out the best in people and you're thinking broadly and creatively, so our thanks to you Aled for what you do as well."

"I'm about to dedicate time, energy and money into my training and just appreciate what you've done here Aled and as well as the richness of information your provided"

"Another great interview Aled, and very timely. A 'facilitative mediator' is a good place to start a mediation career"

"I find Mediator Academy invaluable as a relative novice in being able to be part of a virtual community which shares its learning, and feel as though I am in the room watching the Skype interviews" loves you!